Breast Cancer Thrivers Masterclass

Discover How You Can Thrive While On Hormone Therapy

On Demand Access (access when you need it) 

  •  Cost: $111 + applicable taxes

    **Includes 30 minute Cancer Coaching Call (value $125)

You will gain access to:

  • 3 days of ~1 hour Masterclass session recordings: discussing breast cancer hormone therapies and how to thrive while on these therapies
  • 30 day access to recordings
  • How hormone therapies work: ie. Tamoxifen, Aromatase Inhibitors (ie. Letrozole, Anastrozole, Exemestane, etc) and Herceptin
  • Natural strategies: I use with my patients and clients in my Femme Thrive Method post treatment cancer recovery program to help decrease side effects of these treatments and help lower cancer risks
  • Covers "Hot" Questions from my patients like "is soy safe? what about flaxseeds?"
  • PLUS 
  • free 30 minute Cancer Coaching Call (value: $125) to answer some of your questions. Please note: this is not a Naturopathic consult but an information session to help you feel more empowered.


$111.00 USD

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