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The How

Eating to thrive after cancer doesn't have to be complicated.  The more complicated it is the harder it is to follow and remain consistent!  See how you can eat to thrive by making eating simple but impactful to help you feel your best!

Health Tips

  • Key tips on topics like the three important macronutrients that provide energy to your body,  what you should be counting instead of calories, why fiber is so important with regards to sugar, and so much more....

5 Foods to Include and to Avoid

  • See what foods you want to include and what you want to remove or limit from your diet to help lower your risks for cancer!  There's so much you can do just by how you're eating. 
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About me:

Hi! I’m Dr. Becky ND.  I’m a board certified naturopathic doctor and cancer coach with advanced training and more than a decade worth of clinical experience in cancer support, recovery and prevention.  I'm also founder of the Femme Thrive Method post treatment cancer recovery program for women,  a cancer thriver for over 27 years and a mom of 3 girls. 

I know what it’s like to feel left completely alone and without guidance after going through cancer and coming out the other side.  There is so much anxiety, loneliness and questions (a million questions)!  All you want to do is get back to how you were or better - for you and for your loved ones.  And the great part is - there are SO many things you can do to help you THRIVE after cancer and enjoy life again.  You got this.  I'm here to help.