I help empower powerful women to thrive beyond cancer...

I know as a cancer survivor and a board certified naturopathic doctor having worked with hundreds of cancer survivors ...this is true:

We often feel under-informed, overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward for our health - especially after treatments.

But this isn't how it has to be.  And I am witness to that daily.

Natural strategies can be critical to help your body recover after treatments and help you feel your best.  

But what's even better is that it can help you feel more empowered to optimize your health and your prevention strategies.

Ways we can work together...


Naturopathic Consult

For residents of Ontario, Canada only:

  • Fully virtual (telehealth) clinic and services
  • 1 hour Initial Consult ($250)
  • 15-60 minute Follow Up ConsultsĀ 
  • Consults for:Ā 
    • Cancer prevention
    • Cancer treatment support (ie. chemo, radiation, surgery, aromatase inhibitors, etc)
    • Post treatmentĀ recovery
    • Women's health (ie. hormone balance, weight goals, gut health, menopause, etc)
    • General health concerns (cold, flu, gut health, etc)
  • All or part of consultsĀ covered by most Benefit plans
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Femme Thrivers Community

Women's-only exclusive community:

  • Monthly membership subscription ($47/month)
  • Access to our members-only FB group
  • Support and accountability through members-only FB group
  • Weekly group calls diving into research on important health topicsĀ 
  • Full access to all past Thrive Group Call recordingsĀ 
  • Weekly Q & A to answer some of your questions (so you don't have to figure it all out alone!)
  • Access to recipes and other resources
  • Access to LIVE Masterclasses
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Femme Thrive Method Program

If you're finished treatments:

  • 12 week focused recovery and prevention program for women after treatmentsĀ Ā 
  • Access to program website
  • Access to program mobile app
  • Bonus resources, recipes and guides
  • Access to Members-only Femme Thrivers Community
  • Support and accountability
  • Weekly group calls
  • Weekly Q & A to dive into research and answer your questions
  • Access to LIVE masterclasses
  • 1:1 option may be available
  • Prices vary depending on level of supportĀ 
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If its been days, months or years since you finished treatments
and you're looking to rebuild your health and feel more empowered...

This program was built for you.Ā 

Click below to find out more.

Femme Thrive Method Recovery Program

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