Here's why you should switch to low-tox products for you and your loved ones...

Every day, you may use an average of 6-12 personal care products that contain 85-168 different chemicals ( which are applied to your body's largest organ - your skin.

Chemicals that are found in everyday products (ie. cosmetics, cleaning agents, etc) have been linked to cancer, can act as hormone disruptors, increase harm to reproductive/nervous/immune systems, increase chronic inflammation, cause skin issues and so much more!

This is why minimizing your exposure can be so important as part of your prevention and health optimization strategy!

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The purpose of this page is to help make it easier for you to find low tox and other health products.
We only endorse products that we've either personally used, our patients/clients have loved or have good reviews and low toxic ratings!  
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Low Tox Personal & Beauty Products like...

thinkkids Sunscreen, SPF 50

This is one of our family's favourites.  We find it easier to apply on and less chalky than other mineral sunscreens while being effective to prevent burns.  I've never reacted to this sunscreen (of course everyone may react differently!)

 Badger Mineral Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 40

Rated low for possible toxic exposures by and has positive reviews from users and some of our patients!  This may be a good option for a low-tox sunscreen.  Remember: like many mineral sunscreens it does have to be rubbed in well and may take a bit more time to absorb.

 Attitude Mineral Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, SPF 30

This is rated low for toxic exposures and has good reviews.  It's a mineral sunscreen so may need more rubbing in to make it blend and absorb but may be a great option for the family. 


Low Tox Cleaning Products like...

 Attitude Laundry Detergent, Wildflowers

Finding a natural detergent both my husband and I could agree on was one of the hardest things - until we found this one!  It has a nice mild scent, cleans well with a small amount and is priced well compared to other similar low-tox products.

 Attitude Laundry Detergent Refill, Wildflowers

More economical than purchasing new detergent bottles each time, results in less waste and it's really convenient.  It can be a little challenging to pour and a bit heavy initially so I would try one before buying multiple so you know if it's something that works for you!

 Attitude Laundry Detergent, Unscented

Another option for a laundry detergent if you're looking for a non scented option that may be better for sensitive skin. This has a great review (4.6/5) and also has the best rating for toxic exposures according to


Household Products like...

 Travel Berkey Water Filter/Purification System

A water filter/purification system is a really great investment to make.  What we know is that tap water may be contaminated with one or more PFAS or "forever chemicals", and other contaminants that can cause many health issues (ie. increased risk for obesity, certain cancers, immune suppression, etc).  This one is rated extremely well by the Environmental Working Group for its ability to filter 100% of PFAS chemicals (forever chemicals) and has really great consumer reviews.  It's also a non plastic design, with a 1.5 gallon capacity (other bigger ones are available) and while the cost up front is high - the filter can last years unlike other systems (making overall costs sometimes cheaper than ones where filters have to be changed often)!  


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